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  Information for Patients in the London Area
 Information last updated May 2018


Information for Patients in the London Area

(If you do not live in London or in Great Britain, just please take this english information as a guideline how my visit could be arranged to any location in Europe.)


my name is Mr. Claus Rüdiger von Hertzberg.

I am german citizen and I live in Cloppenburg - Northern Germany.
My postal / home adress is: St. Sebastian Str. 20, 49661 Cloppenburg.

My email adress: deutscherheiler@yahoo.de

My phone numbers: Mobile +49 (0) 1716217918 / Home: +49 (0) 4471 7008101 (Please try to phone me at home first.)

I run a seperate main homepage, link:  >>> here  <<< (in german language) with some interesting links at the bottom of the main page, such as video TV clip of my treatments in Varazdin of local patients (in english) filmed by the local VTV croatian TV. A photo of myself you can see, click:  >>> Foto <<<.

I am a spiritual healer, with given strong healing powers. These powers have not been "learned" by me in seminars, instead they were given to me (actually against my will at that time) in 1985, after I was involved as a patients guide to healers in the Philippines. I just touch the patients at their sick parts (resp. the clothing) with my left healing hand. The origin of my healing powers are german medical professors who have died decades ago and had chosen me as a healing medium. 

You will find that I am very much a normal person. The decisions I make - I make by myself. Only when I touch the patients with my left healing hand, the powers then transferred are arranged by my spiritual friends. There is the difference. The healing powers transferred to the patients differ according to the kind of sickness of the patient and other conditions found with the patients by the healing source. From uncountable different healing energies passed via me only those are selected by former medical professors that are ment to improve / heal the organic health trouble of the individual patient.
In case of success there should already be significant improvement such as reduction of the walking pain or improvement in eyesight of half-blind patients within minutes.
Developing such energies and then learning to select them according to the needs of the patients takes years and years by the healing source, - wheras the living healer used as medium may remain as stupid, ignorant, innocent or whatever he has always been. The real healers may often be considered as simple good hearted countryfolks. That in my case the originating source are german medical professors, who have died decades ago means that after their death they have continued to work in their previous medical field by other means.

You may know from your experience, also in the UK there are uncountable "healers" who claim to have been educated in weekend seminars, paste their "diplomas" at their wall and are sprouting like mushrooms. They claim to have achieved wisdom by their seminars and can tell the patients what they have done wrong in their life. Very little healing will usually happen there, but instead the patients are expected to pay and pay and pay for every healing session. The real healers with inborn or given healing powers are a small minority and difficult to find. As the real healers can heal, they concentrate on their healing and usually do not bother to enlighten the patients with their selfclaimed ever so glorious wisdom.

Having the would-be healers in mind, the healing powers given to me were adjusted to the actual needs of the patients. 1986 I started healing individual patients in Frankfurt /M Germany, who all had to come again every 2 or 3 days for another healing session with small improvement after every treatment until they were cured. That was found out to be the wrong way. My healing powers were adjusted by my spiritual friends starting 1987 in such a way, that I would travel to small patients groups by rail and my laying of hand onto the patients would initiate health improvement of the patients for weeks to come. In other words, the patients are "loaded" with healing powers that the body cannot consume at once. For weeks the unused powers still work within the patient, resulting in the need of a repeat treatment only after 3 - 4 weeks, if there is such a need. Since then the individual healing powers for individual organic disorders that are often found in Northern Europe have been improved for many years according to individual healing experience with patients.  

This method of healing has ever since been followed and improved. 1988 I started to propose to the patients (in accordance with the view of my spiritual friends), that I should only be given a moderate proposed donation by those patients for my living and travelling expenses, if there is real and very obvious improvement of pain and incapabilities during my first healing session. Patients who feel nothing and have no improvement - pay nothing, although I might have travelled far and at high expense to try to heal them. No other healer in Europe (to the best of my knowledge) has ever followed such a payment term. The best financial term would be to entirely leave it to the patients if and what they should pay to me. However with this payment method I started with in 1986 I used to receive coins, (especially from people originating from Scotland = small coins,) from which I cannot finance myself.  The next addition was that I never refuse poor people. They also pay only in case of success, but a small amount according to their own discretion. That was immediately misused by rich people claiming to be "poor". Since then poor people have to show copies of papers evidencing that they receive public welfare etc.

One important fact to look at, is that not all patients would react to the powers of the (real) healer. Maybe 20 to 40 % of patients will have no improvement whatsoever, whereas around 60% to 80% would have improvement. The other obstacle is that not every healer can heal every kind of organic sickness. Some troubles are easy to heal for the healer, some are not.

In my german internet homepages I have explained and explained and explained the sicknesses that are "easy" and "not so easy" for me (with the help of my spirit guides) to heal, with the results that the people reading it cannot follow by their thoughts. Explaining matters too well and in every detail just does not work with circumstances that are difficult to digest and opposed by the doctors. Therefore I ask here to be excused from submitting medical lists of sicknesses that are within or not within my healing range.

For you to remember, is the main advantage of my healing. If there is improvement right away during my personal healing session, then it is almost certain that I can help the patient. The almost blind must see better, the almost deaf must hear better and the almost lame must walk better - (to stick with biblical terms) - otherwise (in case of no obvious improvement) I do not expect a individual donation for my living and travelling expenses to patients groups in the London area.

The proposed payment to me for patients in the London area is equivalent of 50 Euro per patient with improvement. Those who cannot afford it are invited to pay me a small amount. No obvious signs of improvement - no pay. The 50 Euro (equivalent in GBP) include my travelling and hotel and food, however patients have to arrange my pickup from London Stansted - Airport at their expense. Restriction  is that I need at least 20 patients to be able to come to London at these payment terms. The patients would then be split up in smaller groups.

Unfortunately I have to mention that a real hindrance to my healing trips is the unrealibilty of patients to show up for their treatment, although they have confirmed 10 times to the organizing patient that they would really come. By logical thinking what I am offering is hard to digest, and the closer the treatment day would come, the more doubts many interested people would develop if they should really come for treatment. Any excuse, such as they had to take a walk with their dog instead, is then welcome to pretend that they were unable to show up for the healing session. - The only countermeasure that will guarantee reliable presence of the patients is to make everyone pay 50 Pounds who does not show up for treatment - and to announce this measure right from the beginning.

Some short organisational details:

Unless there is a valid reason (such as the patient does not have health insurance or would not be able to use the National Health Service in Great Britain) I do not treat anyone who has not yet visited a specialist doctor for the organic health troubles presented to me.

Any disorder considered as psychologic:  such as attacks of fear, bulimia, schizophrenia and so on I cannot influence at all. Thus I ask such interested people not to see me, unless they also additionally have disorders clearly considered as "organic". 
I am German, born in the year 1947, and there are no visa requirements or any travel restrictions for me to visit the UK. I am using cheap Ryanair - Flights from Bremen (Germany) to London Stanstead. There are daily flight connections all year on that route, but usually at inconvenient flight times such as the flight arriving Stansted late in the evening. The flight cost per trip varies from very cheap to expensive. Usually cheap flights need advance booking 3 - 4 weeks in advance and they are usually really available. If I could get a cheap flight of 20 GBP my travel cost (leaving my home in Cloppenburg until arrival Stansted Airport with only 10 kg handcarriage - would usually be less than 40 GBP altogether) one way. I need the cooperation of the patients to pick me up from Stansted-Airport and to bring me to a hotel (which I pay) near the patients place. - I do not mind to use public transport, but I would need someone to come along with me to ensure that I am not getting confused or lost and would not travel in the opposite directions and thus would never arrive at intended destination. 

The group sessions would last 2 hours (group of 6 patients) or 3 hours (group of 12 patients). All patients assemble in one room, such as the living room. Questions I will answer in front of all patients. The patients will then be treated by me one by one in a seperate room (for example kitchen) by my laying of hand, either they will stand or they will sit on a chair. (A hard kitchen chair please.) I will just touch the clothing, nobody needs to undress. I need to see the uncovered face. Muslim women who refuse to open up their covered face (Burka - Niqab) during my treatment will be sent home without treatment. The patients must not wear clothing made of synthetic or rubber fibres. Instead patients should wear cotton or other natural fibres. Treatment takes only 2 - 3 minutes, however every patient will be treated several times. After each treatment the individual patient will join the others again in the living room. I need to be explained what health trouble bothers the patients in simple terms. The phrases you have learned from medical institutions about your sicknesses and the papers established there are not needed to be presented to me. Important requirement for my treatment is the ability of the patient to find out if there has been already improvement right after my laying of hand. The patients (who can only walk with pain for example) are requested to find out to what ability they can now walk, climb stairs etc.

Usually there should be reactions and starting improvement with the patient of his constant health troubles in about one or two minutes after my first laying of hand - if the patient has before successfully looked at the internet-energy-test-picture (explained further down this text). People who did not bother to make my internet test in advance, have a improvement chance of just 60 to 80 %. People who made the test, but did then have no reactions, their chances for improvement in my personal treatment are not much better than participating in the lottery. Those patients who still claim "I feel nothing" during my personal treatment will be sent home latest after one hour and will not be treated to the end. That decision of "no improvement" during my personal treatment is made by the patient and not by me. I often recognize that the patient should have improvement of his constant bothering trouble when the patient says "no". That decision to say "no improvement" may sometimes be originating from the thoughts the patients have arrived with. The few minutes to find out if the pain is gone is just so short that a ever so hard-headed sceptic would never confirm improvement. Be it as it may, if the patient does not confirm improvement, he will be sent home with my apologies and without being asked to pay. 

My healing possibilities are restricted to "incureable" organic sicknesses. Any psychologic disorder, such as anxiety or asking me "to stop smoking" cannot be treated by me. I have no influence whatsoever to change the thoughts or the will or the behaviour of patients. Everyone is equal to me and the spiritual healing source. My healing does not need any specific belief or religion. I will not give any kind of advice to the patients that is ment to influence their lives and believes. - If there is significant or total improvement after my personal treatment, please do not get the idea to stop the medicines prescribed to you without the previous consent of the prescribing doctor. (It is also legal requirement that I mention this.)

It will be hard for me to be able to fly, pay hotels and treat the patients, if there will be less than 20 patients - on the payment arrangement "payment in case of obvious success only". If there are less patients in the London Area, I may however come, but using different terms. These terms would be to pay to me a fixed salary of 200 Euro per day (regardless of healing results etc), plus a food allowance of 24 Euro per day plus all travel related expenses. The salary and expenses are then split up by the patients. You will find that the proposed salary is just based on average income and not a "professional" fee. The reason behind this is that it should be made possible also for average financially situated persons to arrange such visit on such terms.

As you have read all this, you may now be introduced to another rather surprising situation. Every adult (with realistic thoughts) can find out in advance if he/she would presumeably react to my powers (and can likely be helped) - or would not react to the powers given to me (and would not likely be helped). With the influence of my spirit guides internet test energies have been developed, first introduced in 2006. By clicking on a certain internet page, then energies will be transferred from storage at my end to the user as long as that page is open. This however does not apply to babies and small children below 8 to 9 years. Babies and small childen must not look at the test-picture. The energies are too strong for them and they should be brought to my personal treatment without previous test. Also they cannot tell what they would feel via internet - energies.

Adults to look at the centre of the picture "Universe with stars" for 3 Minutes.
Those who find the internet-test-energies too strong should close the page immediatly.
If you look at the picture for 3 minutes and you feel nothing - you are unfortunately not healable by me and you should not come to my personal treatment. Any self-imagination, that you wish to be helped and thus you would believe to have some kind of reaction - does not work. If you then (after non-reaction) would come to my treatment, I would send you away as I would not be able to help you.

Clear reactions must be felt within 3 minutes, (or afterwards) such as
funny feelings like your sickness wants to move out of the body,
optical irregularities such as changes of colours in the picture,
sudden feeling of getting very tired
... and eventual improvement of your health trouble
must be felt also by severe sceptics. If such reactions are very clearly felt, it is very likely that I will be able to help that patient with his / her organic disorders. If there is already improvement of the long-term health trouble after looking at the picture, then it should be clear that my personal treatment should achieve a better result. 

On the upper left of this page there is a menu. Click on "Internet-Energietest" and then move the cursor downwards right to the centre of the picture Universe with Stars. Look at the centre of the picture. Observe the time and find out if there is anything happening with your body within the 3 minutes you look at the picture. 

There should be reactions such as heat, vibration, funny feelings appearing in your body and / or changes of colours seen in the picture during the end of the 3 minutes you look at the picture. Eventual improvement of your organic disorder, such as the pain is permanently less or temporarily totally gone may happen (if it happens) minutes or hours later. If there is just nothing happening during and after the test, it is very unfortunate that you would also not respond to my healing powers during personal treatment.

If the only one time looking at the test - picture leaves you uncertain or confused, you may repeat the test eventually in a different way every 3 days. It is important that you do not repeat the test on the first day that you tried it. Every 3 days either look at the test picture for 3 minutes - or even better: Open the test picture for 3 minutes, but do not look at it with your eyes. Instead place your sickest part, such as a bone problem in your back, about 30 cm away from the test picture and allow the test to work on your sickest part for 3 minutes. It is important not to use the test for all health troubles that bother you on one occassion. Just let the test picture radiate on just one of your troubles per day and repeat every 3 days. Many people have already improvement after repeated use of the test, but please remember that the test is not powerful enough to totally cure long-time health troubles.  

Please only open the internet test page when you are alone at home - and not in a office with other people in the room. Avoid that other people who are not involved are also receiving such energies through your computer, especially babies.  Several people in one family must not see the test picture together. They should individually open the internet-test-picture one after the other. After each 3 minutes use, stop the radiation of energies by viewing any other internet page. Then the next person to start the internet-test-energies again, the last person to have left the room. It is normal that individual members of one family will have different reactions when looking at the internet-test-energy-picture.

The test energy is working with notebooks or computers that run on the Windows system, which most people are having. It does not work with other systems and it does not run on cellphones / iphones and tablets. These devices are not using the windows system and usually the energies are not transmitted on those devices.

Negative adverse effect:
My healing energy does work with drinking alcohol, however patients cannot stand the alcohol they are used to. During the time the body of the patients is under the influence of the healing powers, the body uses also its available own energy to work on the sicknesses. Then the usual resistance against alcohol is gone, causing drunkness easily. Thus patients should not drink alcohol for a couple of days after my personal treatment and not for at least 24 hours after looking at the internet-energy-test-picture. Many people report that after only 1 bottle of beer consumed hours after looking at the testpicture, they were so drunk that they could not walk or stand anymore and some unbelieving users have disregarded my advice, later drank their usual amount of beer and then totally drunk smashed up their cars. You have been warned. Just refrain from drinking alcohol for 2 days after you have looked at the testpicture. People who have no reaction after my internet-energy-test and thus do not respond to my healing also have no changes concerning the amount of alcoholic beverages they can drink before getting drunk.

However please be aware of the following psychologic circumstance: Super-Super sceptics, who wrongly claim never - never it would be possible for them to have any reaction in their body after the energies via internet, may smash up their car or cause a horrible accident killing others totally drunk after just 1 or 2 beers - hours after they looked onto my test - picture giving adverse remarks. My warning about drinking alcohol later after the test on the same day is ignored by them as idiotic. It is a fact of life, that people who have already prefixed their mind concerning - nonsense, self imagination, self betrayal and what not before visiting my test simply do not want to have any reactions. If they would have it they would not admit it. My internet energy test will just lead to reliable results with open minded people, who are curious to find out if they will respond or not respond.

This also explains that the common expression "faith healing" does not precisely describe what is going on. My healing powers work independant of the "faith" of the patient. In my own way of getting along with patients, I prefer sceptical people. They would not imagine healing improvement or reactions after the internet-test by their faith, that is just imagined but did not happen. It is a personal burden for me that sometimes people show up for my treatment, even travelling far, who have only imagined all kinds of reactions after looking at the internet-testpicture by their wishful thinking. 

Thank you for reading this entire patients information.


N.B.: I heal anywhere in Europe, if there is organisational help from interested persons to arrange patient groups for me at their town.

But I do not visit the USA for my healing.
The reason is that I feel that I cannot defend myself in the legal system there.
For example if someone demands compensation of millions of dollars for moral damages, which I could never pay, for not being healed by me, whereas I was able to heal others - and that would make him demand a unbelievable high compensation from me.

The main reason for not visiting the USA however are "Christian" religious groups like Witnesses of Jehova. They are just plainly mad about my healing and claim that anyone I would heal would be taken his soul by the devil. This would include persons I just touch without their knowledge of my healing, such as someone would give me a helping hand to climb out of the train. In Europe these groups cannot legally claim anything against me, especially as I always invite them to observe my patients to find out if their fantasies have any truth behind it. But in the USA I believe that their combined madness and hate may bring me to court. I am a strong healer, with mostly significant improvement of the patients health after just one treatment. And I offer very fair payment terms. Plus I do not refer to any religion concerning my healing. That is probably why they feel I am a danger to what is written about the healing miracles of Jesus Christ in the Bible - and they want to bring me down since 25 years on numerous occassions.

The third reason is the objection of medical doctors in the USA. It happened before that patients arranged treatments of Filipino Healers in the USA. As their healing was very successful there with no harmful effect on any patient, local doctors objected and made criminal claims towards the authorites. The healers immediatly flew back to the Philippines. However the matter was pursued in the USA and the healers were later arrested in the Philippines and flewn back to the USA to attend their trial and afterwards to serve their resulting jail sentence in the USA.  Although that affair was only arranged to make Filipino healers to stay away from the USA, I just wish to avoid similar proceedings for me.



This new version of my english information was entrirely written by myself. English is not my native language. Yes, - there must be spelling mistakes and I do mind them! Anyone helpful to point at them and to send me a E-Mail about it? Thanks.  

Claus Rüdiger von Hertzberg


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